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mi·cron (μ),

Former term for micrometer.
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A unit of length equal to 10–6 m.
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Former term for the measurement now termed a micrometer.
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An SI unit of length equal to one millionth of a metre (10−6 m). Symbol: μm. Syn. micron (obsolete term). See nanometre.
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(mcm) (mīkrō-mētĕr, mī-kromĕ-tĕr)
1. One millionth of a meter; formerly called a micron.
2. A device for measuring various objects in an accurate and precise manner.
3. In medicine and biology, the term is usually used with reference to a glass slide or lens that is accurately marked for measuring microscopic forms.
Synonym(s): micrometre.
[micro- + G. metron, measure]
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