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(mi-gra'shon) [L. migratio, removal, migration]
1. Movement from one location to another.
2. Unwanted movement of an implanted device from its original therapeutic location to another part of the body, where it may cause injury. migratory (mi'gra-tor?e), adjective

clot migration

The movement of a venous thrombosis from a distal location to one that is closer to the right side of the heart or pulmonary artery. This may increase the chances of pulmonary embolism, and typically requires renewed anticoagulation.

internal migration of ovum

Passage of the ovum from the ovary through the fallopian tube to the uterus.

migration of leukocytes

Passage of white blood cells through walls of capillaries. Synonym: diapedesis

tooth migration

, m.of teeth
The movement of teeth during eruption or out of their normal position in the dental arch due to periodontal disease or missing adjacent teeth.

migration of testicle

Descensus testis.

tooth migration, pathological

Drifting or movement of teeth due to the pathological changes in areas adjacent to the moving teeth.
See: mesial drift; tooth movement

tooth migration, physiological

The natural and expected movement of teeth as growth and development occur;
Synonym: normal tooth mobility See: mesial drift; tooth movement
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