midtarsal joint

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trans·verse tar·sal joint

the complex joint formed by the synovial joints between the talus and navicular bone medially and the calcaneus and navicular bones laterally that act as a unit in allowing the front of the foot to pivot relative to the back of the foot about the longitudinal axis of the foot, contributing to the total inversion and eversion movements.
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The model allows to separate the forefoot and the hindfoot and to analyze the midtarsal joint biomechanics.
As a consequence, the midtarsal joint was identified.
Kite abducted the foot at midtarsal joint with thumb pressing on the lateral side of the calcaneo-cuboid joint.
If the midtarsal joint is flexible, it is generally agreed that gentle forces should be applied to orientate the forefoot so that the plane of the metatarsal heads are perpendicular to the vertical bisector of the calcaneus [5].
Simultaneously there is supination in the oblique midtarsal joints as well as pronation in the longitudinal midtarsal joint axis, moving the first ray into plantar flexion.
Mark Davies, the Welsh team's physiotherapist, suspects Charvis has suffered soft tissue damage around the midtarsal joint in his foot, rather than a break.
These include stress reactions, stress fractures, and simple fractures of Steida's process, the os trigonum, or the plafond; impingement of soft tissue (the "marsupial meniscus" (7)); and collateral or compensatory injuries (flexor hallucis longus tendinitis, Achilles tendinitis, sprains to the dorsal midtarsal joint).
Among the foot cases, midtarsal joints were frequently involved, while in a large series of foot and ankle tuberculosis, Calcaneus was involved frequently, followed by midtarsal joints.8 As in our study, the delay in the diagnosis of osteoarticular tuberculosis is very common.
These modifications are made in an attempt to improve the effectiveness of the subtalar and midtarsal joints and to minimize stresses directed on the lower extremity soft tissues (Genova & Gross, 2000).
The laxity in the joint capsule and ligaments of the subtalar and midtarsal joints is usually caused by inflammation and swelling.
Someone would have had to have known a lot about foot anatomy," he says of the tracks, which contained evidence of dermal ridges and midtarsal joints.