midline incision

mid·line in·ci·sion

a vertical abdominal incision placed in the midline aponeurosis between the two sheaths of the rectus muscles of the abdomen.
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Either a 5cm vertical midline incision was made over the xiphoid process or in patients with reoperation the lower portion of the median sternotomy scar was reopened.
There are many approaches to perform open cholecystectomy like right subcostal (Kocher's incision), right upper transverse incision, right paramedian incision and upper midline incision. Kocher's incision is most commonly implied incision for open cholecystectomy9.
Laparatomy was done by midline incision and verified the diagnosis.
Intraoperatively, a vertical midline incision exteriorizes the uterus from the peritoneal cavity.
A 3-cm midline incision was made over the hernia and skin with a monopolar radiosurgical needle electrode.
First, the mass was carefully excised via open surgery (midline incision under the umbilicus) so as to not shatter it.
Dissection with a 2.5x magnification loupe (Keeler Instruments Inc., Malvern, PA) was carried through a midline incision in the volar surface of the forearm.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the results of double plating with single anterior midline incision in complex proximal tibial fractures (Types V and VI of Schatzker classification) and compare this rate to other studies in the literature.
Karydakis GE in his original paper described the technique as off midline incision with excision of the sinus tract and undermining of the skin to the contralateral side.
A caudal ventral midline incision was made and intestine was exteriorized and observed for obstruction and its location by proceeding cranial to caudal direction.