midline incision

mid·line in·ci·sion

a vertical abdominal incision placed in the midline aponeurosis between the two sheaths of the rectus muscles of the abdomen.
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The midline incision is the preferred incision due to adequate exposure of intra-abdominal contents, quick access, and relative ease to perform.
A left radical nephrectomy with left renal vein and IVC tumour thrombectomy through a left open midline incision was performed.
incisional hernia was much higher with the midline incision (17.
A midline incision with a median sternotomy was used in patients with cephalad suprahepatic IVC tumor extension.
Ventral midline incision was made through skin and subcutaneous tissues, between caudal aspect of os penis and scrotum.
Subsequently, the patient's position was changed to supine and an anterior midline incision was made to access the tumor from abdomen and to complete the excision (Figure 2(b)).
After making a midline incision through the earlier scar, the ObGyn created a low transverse uterine incision with a scalpel.
The first incision was closed and an upper midline incision made for repair of duodenal perforation.
The abdomen was opened by midline incision from xiphisternum to pubic symphysis.