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an abnormally undersized person; see also dwarfism. adj., adj dwar´�fish.
hypophysial dwarf pituitary dwarf.
hypothyroid dwarf a dwarf with hypothyroidism or cretinism. See dwarfism.
infantile dwarf a dwarf with infantilism.
normal dwarf an individual who is undersized but perfectly formed.
pituitary dwarf a person with pituitary dwarfism; called also hypophyseal dwarf.
renal dwarf a person with renal dwarfism.


/midg·et/ (mij´it) old term for normal dwarf.


A nontechnical term for a very small person; an adult who is perfectly formed but has not attained and will not attain normal size.



Patient discussion about midget

Q. How tall(short) do you have to be to be considered a midget? How can you tell if a child/teen is just short or if they have stunted growth or something like that? When should you be worried? And if their growth is stunted, will this cause them any health problems later on in life?

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Johnson and Churchill were important members of the Colonial Midget defense.
They started pounding each other - and the midget ended up in the pool.
Any doubts he had about whether he had done the right thing were washed away when the MG was voted Best Midget in Scotland in 1997.
And it would mean greater employment prospects for all those midgets who are on the dole or fed up at the circus.
But after a while throwing money around is not sensible, even if the midget is willing.
MIDGET submarines would be a "perfect fit" to protect the shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf amidst rising regional tensions.
I race with the United States Auto Club Western States Midget and Sprint Car Series.