midforceps delivery

mid·for·ceps de·liv·er·y

delivery by forceps applied to the fetal head at above +2 station, but after engagement has taken place.
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Rupture is more likely following breech extraction, obstructed labor, abnormal fetal presentation, and midforceps delivery.
Factors significantly associated with lower umbilical artery pH in a linear regression analysis included longer second stage of labor (-0.032 pH units for each 1-hour increase; 95% confidence interval [CI], -.046 to -.018), pudendal block (-0.022; 95% CI, -.040 to -.004), intrauterine pressure catheter use (-0.029; 95% CI, -0.053 to -.006), nuchal cord (-0.027; 95% CI, -.051 to -.004), and midforceps delivery (-0.080; 95% CI, -.159 to .000).
Among these were longer second stage of labor, intrauterine pressure catheter use, nuchal cord, and midforceps delivery. In agreement with our results, Yudkin and colleagues[36] found that increasing length of second stage of labor, vaginal operative delivery for fetal distress, and cord entanglement were associated with lower umbilical artery pH values at birth in multivariate analyses of unselected deliveries.