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A portmanteau of middle-aged and adolescence/senescence used to describe restless, middle-aged baby boomers (ranging from age 35-60) who deal with the negatives of frustration, burnout, boredom, confusion and alienation, but the daunting positives of self-discovery, new directions and beginnings. It’s variably described as adolescence the second time around and a time of hot flashes, midlife crises and midlife magic
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Before I even knew what Middlescent meant, I wanted to be one.
I may be a Middlescent now, but I won't be when I hit the Big Four O.
If you answered yes to more than one of the above, hello fellow Middlescents. And, Cher, stop lying about your age, doll.
The middlescent is frustrated, confused and exasperated, finding themselves leaving work feeling 'burned out, bottlenecked and bored'.
The term itself suggests crisis, taking off from 'adolescent,' so a middlescent is older but still like an adolescent with life problems.
It's nice to know, for example, that I'm still a middlescent even if I could retire this year at 65.
I found it almost funny and did more searches, and even came across an article in a medical journal reporting on the average hemoglobin (iron) in the blood samples of Chinese women middlescents.
Some of you might have a hunch by now on who the middlescents are, but it turns out the definitions vary with the age range: 25 to 40, 30 to 45, 40 to 60, 40 to 65!
Last week I had a column about the new word 'middlescents,' which refers to people in midlife.
That's why I mentioned them in my column on middlescents. Manfancy, if I might attempt another neologism, comes and goes.
And, for a hidden bonus, those adolescents who were slow to grow up will surely become middlescents, slow to grow old.
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