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Denoting an anatomic structure that is between two other similar structures or that is midway in position.
Synonym(s): medius
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Denoting an anatomic structure that is between two other similar structures or that is midway in position.
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An inquiry, therefore, seeks an explanatory middle term, which can be either demonstrable or indemonstrable, and either distinct from that which it explains or another way of conceiving that very thing.
When the demonstration is of the [phrase omitted]--and minor ([phrase omitted]) and major terms ([phrase omitted]) are coextensive -, there is a single middle term ([phrase omitted]) which not only is coextensive with the major, but also (and more importantly) explains all its instances.
Asymptotics for higher order differential equations with a middle term, J.
First, the account claims that in order to construct an integrated model of the two premises, people attempt to bring middle terms together.
The features in the middle term on this alternate view are more unified than on Gotthelf's reading, although it is not clear whether the other two features used in the explanation are in the essence.
Only those responses that included the middle term and one end term were eliminated (1%).
"Confirming this, our findings note that while 36 percent of our total respondents already own a piece of residential property and 42 percent own at least one vehicle, more than 70 percent are still looking to purchase property and 60 percent want to buy another vehicle in the short to middle term," the study said.
We cannot construct such a system in this middle term. What we can do is to make possible the multiple political activities that will end up tilting the balance in favor of a better organised and a far less noxious system.
Professor Abdulmenaf Bexheti says that at middle term, the conjunction would have positive effects, but in the future it will have negative effects due to the improper building.
Based on the company's price policy and its 2012 guidance, the bank does not see any triggers for the share price in the middle term, it said.
ISLAMABAD, October 07, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The World Bank Mission was informed that the Zarai Taraqqiati Bank (ZTBL) needs to enhance its credit amount for middle term up to Rs.
So, who does a more comprehensive approach hurt and who does it help in the near and middle term. Of course a move toward master, global insurance programs will benefit the large global insurers who have networks in many, many countries; this is for the admitted markets only of course.

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