middle note

middle note,

n a category of aromatic components of essential perfumes and oils with intermediate permanence and volatility properties. The category includes lavender and geranium. See also note.
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Like haute perfumes, her candles boast of a distinct top note (the heady first hit of fragrance as you open the box), a middle note that lingers and the base that lend depth.
Among 30 different scents, you have to pick three notes, the top note, the middle note, and the base.
The middle note follows as the top note evaporates; it lasts 10 to 45 minutes.
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On the other hand, the Oudh Al Shamoukh Silver line offers a feel of fresh lavender blended with citrus, which gradually passes on to light flowery and fruity middle note that connects with athe sensual strong woody and musky note.
The top note of the chord identifies major, while the middle note identifies minor.
Oyedo EDT by Diptyque from Rustan's-'Top notes are lime, mandarin orange, lemon and yuzu; middle note is thyme; base note is woodsy notes.
It's more technical to do it for a body wash because you have to think of three stages of smelling: First one is the point of purchase, when someone smells it from the bottle, that's the top note that hooks them in so it has to be really interesting; second is at the shower, the middle note that we create in a body wash has to bloom and fill up the entire bathroom for that luxurious experience; and the last stage is to develop the base notes, the notes that are most substantive and are like to linger on your skin.
The middle note unveils a vibrant peony and rose blossom with pink muguet, jasmine and a hydrating splash of coconut water.
Opulent flowers form the middle note, a blend of Egyptian jasmine absolute, orris Morocco, ylang and mimosa Provence absolute.
Insherah Gold offers a top floral and rose note, a spicy, amber middle note, and a musky and oud base.