middle lobe of right lung

mid·dle lobe of right lung

it is located anteriorly between the horizontal and oblique fissures and includes lateral (S IV) and medial (S V) bronchopulmonary segments.
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CECT of the thorax revealed right-sided empyema with underlying lung collapse along with a loculated collection in the middle lobe of right lung with mediastinal lymphadenopathy (Figure 2).
Sixteen-slice computed tomography scan revealed the middle lobe of right lung was detected atelectasis in lung window because of compression from enlarged esophagus, and upper esophagus expanded obviously [Figure 1]d, lower esophagus and cardia became significantly narrow and mucous membrane around of this area also was thick in soft tissue window.
April 2001: Right Middle Lobectomy - middle lobe of right lung removed due to congenital emphysema