middle frontal gyrus

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mid·dle fron·tal gy·rus

a convolution on the convexity of each frontal lobe of the cerebrum running in an anteroposterior direction between the superior and inferior frontal sulci.

middle frontal gyrus

The middle of the three major longitudinal gyri of the lateral surface of the frontal lobe of each cerebral hemisphere; it is part of the prefrontal cortex.
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The finding of increased gray matter in the right middle frontal gyrus contrasts with opposite findings by other authors.
Five clusters were found with increased brain activation in CRT patients from pre- to post-training, compared with non-CRT patients [Table 3] and [Figure 3],[sup][15],[24],[25],[26],[27],[31] (1) the right middle frontal gyrus (568 mm [sup]3, BA6); (2) the right postcentral gyrus (552 mm [sup]3, BA2); (3) the left medial frontal gyrus (440 mm [sup]3, BA6); (4) the right inferior parietal lobule (280 mm [sup]3, BA40); (5) the left middle frontal gyrus (208 mm [sup]3, BA9).
These different regions conducted from the two results locate in the right inferior parietal lobule, left middle frontal gyrus, and bilateral sub-gyrus.
Compared with the healthy control subjects, the patients with PD showed increased fALFF values in the left inferior temporal gyrus (ITG), right IPL and right middle frontal gyrus (MFG) ( P < 0.
Furthermore, the diabetes group had lower fMRI activation of the left inferior frontal gyrus (Brodmann area 13) in the 1-back versus 0-back (working memory) condition, and had less activation of the left middle frontal gyrus and the superior frontal gyrus in the 2-back versus 0-back comparison, they added.
2003 Rhyme Decision English 12 4 Table 2 Main loci of brain connectivity of BA46 in language tasks by Meta- analytic Connectivity Modeling (MACM) Region (BA) x y z ALE Cluster #1 L Middle frontal gyrus (46) -46 34 8 0.
20] They also found decreased glucose metabolism after capsulotomy in several brain regions: cingulate gyrus, gray matter in the limbic lobe, caudate nucleus, dorsomedial nucleus of the thalamus, white matter of the middle frontal gyrus and the inferior frontal gyrus, and white matter outside of the right putamen.
23] Later, this research team [24] found that compared to the whole brain region, patients with OCD have decreased blood flow in the bilateral putamen, superior temporal lobe, precuneus, right gyri orbitales, right superior frontal gyrus, right middle frontal gyrus, left temporal and occipital lobe, superior parietal lobule, and the cerebellar vermis.
Specifically, there was significantly greater activation of the left middle frontal gyrus and a trend toward greater activation of the right inferior parietal regions when CPAP was withdrawn.
The noxious thermal stimulus induced greater activation than the pain video in the medial orbitofrontal cortex, a region implicated in the perception of reinforcing stimuli and the experience of emotion, and also in the middle frontal gyrus, a region immplicated in the cognitive interpretation and reappraisal of emotional stimuli.

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