middle finger

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mid·dle fin·ger

third finger.
Synonym(s): digitus (manus) medius [TA], digitus (manus) tertius [III] [III]* ☆ , third finger
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dates tour, "He had to have this operation where they cut the side of his thumb and his middle finger and they had to get rid of the infection.
To my sisters I say, raise your middle finger and do not apologize, do not concern yourself with what's womanly and what is not.
The defendant repeatedly raised his middle finger towards the officer.
Use both middle fingers and massage in an upwards direction for five seconds.
Summary: Shopper forgave suspect after he apologised, but called the security when he flashed his middle finger
FIFA yesterday confirmed that its disciplinary committee wouldf decide either yesterday or today what, if any, punishment the Tottenham midfielder faces for raising his middle finger during the qualifier against Slovakia.
Arab News Briton Jamil Ahmed Mukadam could face time in a Dubai jail (Facebook) Driving in Dubai can be stressful, but motorists need to refrain from road rage (Shutterstock) 2 photos DUBAI: A British man could face jail in Dubai after raising his middle finger at a motorist who was tailgating him.
Each tendon can operate independently except for the ring finger one, which is connected to the middle finger's nerve passageway.
Steve Bridgett said his wife, Lisa, of Mynytho, near Pwllheli, lost the middle finger of her left hand when she was hit by a steel nut from the bomb detonated in the arena's foyer on Monday night.

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