middle adult

mid·dle a·dult

(mid'ĕl ă-dŭlt')
A person in a nonspecific stage of life, being neither young nor old, but somewhere in the middle. According to Erik Erikson, between ages 40 to 65 years, with the developmental (psychological) task of generativity vs. despair. Often associated with the potential onset of midlife crisis.
[AS. middel, + L. adultus, grown up]
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The young adult category was larger in group A than in group B, while the middle adult category (26-50 years) was somewhat larger in group B, without significant differences.
* Middle Adult group [N=60, which comprised of 30 males and 30 females (15 working and 15 home makers) in age group of 45-50 years].
Pickering (1984) also found no significant differences in OA scores between the sexes based upon his analysis of young to middle adult appendicular and vertebral remains from Middle Woodland, Late Woodland, and Mississippian components of the Lower Illinois River Valley, including the Pete Klunk and Schild mound groups.
Figure 1B displays the ratio of median young adult net worth to middle adult (35 to 50 years of age) net worth.
In her middle adult years, she began exploring photography and many of her pictures, such as images of winter and cranberry bogs in Marston Mills, and the moors near the Bronte family domicile, have serene qualities of oil paintings by the seventh-century little Dutch masters and by the nineteenth-century painters of the Hudson river school.
Typical presentation is in early or middle adult life with a slow growing soft nodular cutaneous mass on the trunk, although any part of the body may be involved.
Psychologist Erik Erickson saw much of life as getting ready for or recovering from the middle adult years, beginning anywhere from age 25 and continuing on until 55 or 65.
The women she surveyed were separated into three groups: emerging adult women age 18-25, early adult women age 26 to 39, and middle adult women age 40 to 65.
"Occasional users may have a characteristic of including folks that are pretty active in politics in their middle adult years, but still haven't quite participated in the move towards Internet information consumption when it comes to politics."
This injury is most common in young to middle adult age males, and is most likely to occur within manufacturing industries.
At this stage individuals have a strong desire to foc us on themselves and they should have a strong ego orientation The middle adult stage occurs around the ages of 30 to 50.
Elders had the greatest proportion of traditional food users, followed by the middle adult group and then the young adult group.