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to discharge urine.


To pass urine.
Synonym(s): micturate


1. Synonym(s): urination.
2. The desire to urinate.
3. Frequency of urination.
[L. micturio, to desire to make water]


To pass urine.
Synonym(s): micturate.
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The patients were advised prior to the procedure to micturate to empty the urinary bladder.
Pseudo-seizures will last 30 minutes to hours instead of minutes, and the person does not micturate or defecate.
Natives of arid lands where surface water is scant and consequently precious, Southern Paiutes did not defecate or micturate near streams or lakes.(39) They suffered cultural shock, therefore when they saw Mormons defecating in surface waters.
A macho-narcissistic man, Hazard micturates in his fireplace, is badly burned in a fire, dies, is resurrected by his fiancee Martha's sexual fondling when she visits his "corpse" in the Coulee Hill Beer parlor.