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A method of fastening or joining stainless steel sutures or such sutures to needles.
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The lack of an oil film, Kollin says, causes microwelding or microscuffing that begins with minor pitting.
Topics covered include microwelding, effects of sterilization, memory alloys, platinum, alloys, stainless steel wire, and methods for evaluating corrosion performance of welds.
Micro mode helps with delicate tasks, enabling microwelding on sheet metal as thin as 0.
Among the topics are challenges in manufacturing from the mesoscopic to nanoscopic scales, microgrinding, magnetorheological and allied finished processes, laser microwelding, dimensional metrology for microscale and mesoscale manufacturing, and an integrated wafer surface evolution model for chemical mechanical planarization.
Veslatec Oy (Vaasa) is a subcontractor in fine mechanics offering precision and microwelding, as well as cutting and drilling, mainly using Nd:YAG pulsed laser technology.
This work developed and verified models to account for varying temperature conditions during squeeze flow and intermolecular diffusion for thermoplastic microwelding.
Microwelding provides the medical device industry with yet another option manufacturing solution that enables OEMs to achieve further miniaturization of their products.
For instance, Potomac Photonics in Lanham, MD recently added microwelding capabilities to its portfolio so that it can make full devices, further simplifying its customers' supply chains.
A few of the specific topics examined include microstructural characterization of eutectic Sn-Au solder as a lead-free solution, designing sealing glasses for solid oxide fuel cells, resistance microwelding of fine nickel wires, and YAG laser and TIG arc welding phenomena.
By using balls manufactured from silicon nitride instead of tool steel, microwelding in the ball nut is eliminated.
The WS9000 series seam sealing system combines precision microwelding capabilities with a rotating wheel and mandrel electrode configuration that creates uniformly consistent seam welds in a single pass.
Production assembly processes including microwelding and automatic die-attach stations and a complete range of microwave test equipment -- including microwave network analyzers for gain and phase tracking measurements, and precision noise figure equipment for measuring low-noise solid-state amplifiers and receiver front-ends.