microwave oven

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microwave oven

An oven that uses microwave energy for cooking or heating food.


Food prepared or reheated in a microwave should be tested with a thermometer to make certain it has reached the lethal temperature for potentially hazardous microorganisms.
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With the LG MC2844SPB 28 L Convection Microwave Oven you can roast, cook and bake like a pro.
Convection market is the major contributor to the microwave oven market, growing at a CAGR of 6.
Mohammad Saleh Badri, acting director general, Esma, said: "As far as microwave ovens are concerned, the UAE has passed a law that will ensure these products are safe for the consumers.
Further research revealed that my observations had been correct: the direction of rotation of most microwave ovens changes randomly according to the position of certain components when the device is turned on.
There are very few studies on the health effects of microwave cooking, but the studies that do exist suggest you made the right move bu tossing out your microwave oven.
There, they consumed milk and vegetables prepared in the microwave oven and in other ways.
He added that two-thirds of German households, not to mention many offices and canteens, now have a microwave oven on the premises.
Whether it's smelling that burnt popcorn cooked 30 seconds too long, searing your tongue on coffee that has been "warmed up," or watching in horror as that plastic container holding your leftover lasagna starts to warp and melt, we all have undergone mishaps with that modern convenience called a microwave oven.
Q The most technologically advanced thing my parents own is a microwave oven.
In the center, the Internet refrigerator, a microwave oven and a rice cooker are built into the kitchen wall to provide more space.
But the idea was snapped up by American researcher Dr Percy Spencer who was accredited with the invention when the first microwave oven was sold in 1965.

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