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In a word use of the concept of prediabetes can be useful tool for intervention to prevent both macrovascular and microvascular disease in clinical and public health spheres.
Objectively testing using PORH for disturbed microcirculatory function and/or pulse volume recordings (PVR; microvascular disease of the vasa vasorum in macrovessels) can also demonstrate the effects of abnormal vascular glycation (loss of microvascular compliance).
Microvascular disease or cardiovascular disease are 1 point each.
The cerebrovascular diseases complicated in DM patients include the macrovascular disease and microvascular disease.
Roughly one-third had at least one macrovascular disease, and 70% at least one microvascular disease.
Recent research has revealed these women are likely to have microvascular disease or nonobstructive CAD, which are different from classic CAD.
The new findings not only help explain the molecular mechanisms underlying microvascular disease in diabetes patients, they also suggest that because PGC-1alpha has opposing effects in different cell types, its role as a potential new therapeutic target should be pursued with caution.
Dr Triggle, who is the lead principal investigator of a Qatar Foundation-sponsored National Priorities Research Programme project exploring the effects of diabetes on the vascular system, said that metformin has long been known to reduce morbidity in patients with diabetes-associated microvascular disease, but that until now the reason for this beneficial effect had not been understood.
Diabetes Mellitus refers to a group of common metabolic disorder that share the hyperglycemia, this being an important risk factor for the development of microvascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes, as it is in patients with type 1 diabetes, as recorded in several observational studies1,2.
These are more subtle than the obvious crushing chest pain often associated with heart attacks, may be because women tend to have blockages not only in their main arteries, but also in the smaller arteries that supply blood to the heart -- a condition called small vessel heart disease or microvascular disease," he explained.