microvascular anastomosis

mi·cro·vas·cu·lar a·nas·to·mo·sis

anastomosis of very small blood vessels performed under a surgical microscope.
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The most common result of throm bosis at the microvascular anastomosis, vascular anastomotic failure is a devastating complication that can lead to total failure.
Separate sterile trolleys were required for different procedures: a tracheostomy trolley, a dissection trolley for mandibulectomy/neck dissection, a flap trolley for harvesting the fibula free flap and microvascular anastomosis, an implant trolley for mandibular reconstruction, plating instrumentation to share between the dissection and fibula free flap and a closing trolley to assist fibula donor site closure.
Successful replantation of a completely avulsed ear by microvascular anastomosis.
5mm tip,Instrument set for microvascular anastomosis (a) microscissors with spring loaded handle, (b) vessel-dilating forceps, (c) needle applier, (d)fine pointed forceps (flat platform), (e) temporary vessel clamps (2 numbers), (f) irrigation tip,Day-Bailes tapered locking suction tube system,Kerrison bone punch 1mm 130 degree forward up cut,Kerrison bone punch 1mm 130 degree forward down cut,Kerrison bone punch 2mm 130 degree forward up cut ,Kerrison bone punch 2mm 130 degree forward down cut,Kerrison bone punch 3mm 130 degree forward up cut ,Kerrison bone punch 3mm 130 degree forward down cut
Nicotine in any form is well known to correlate with higher microvascular anastomosis failure rates.
38) The success of microvascular anastomosis is more dependent on the experience of the surgeon than the specific technique used.
Mii Y et al: Microvascular anastomosis with absorbable and nonabsorbable sutures: A comparative study in rats.
Dogan, who previously worked with three of Germany's prominent cancer institutes said, "We were the first ENT department in the Gulf to conduct the surgeries, which included cancer resection, reconstruction, and microvascular anastomosis.
Bilateral neck exploration was performed to identify a suitable donor vessel for microvascular anastomosis.
The microvascular anastomosis was performed to the external jugular vein and the transverse cervical artery.
Recently, free jejunal graft with microvascular anastomosis have been popularized by reconstructive head and neck surgeons.
Laboratory Training in Microsurgical Techniques and Microvascular Anastomosis.