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Cytoplasmic tubular filaments made from the protein tubulin. Microtubules contribute to the cytoskeleton and assist in the movements of organelles within the cell.


Slender, elongated anatomical channels in worms.
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In this way, it would destabilize microtubule assembly, cargo and samurai proteins dynamicity (such as dynein, cofactor dynactin, kinesin, and samurai protein katanin), vesicle transport.
For chromosomes and nuclei, eggs labeled for either microtubules or for centrosomes were then counterstained with DAPI stock solution (DAPI 5 [micro]g/mL, 2-mercapt-ethylamine hydrochloride 10 mM, Tris 10 mM, EDTA-2Na 100 mM, NaCl 100 mM) diluted to 0.
Further examination of the microtubule arrays at telophase showed that the microtubules were arranged at the equatorial plate in the CK and B treatments (Fig.
Among our observations, particularly striking was the accumulation of centralspindlin on antiparallel bundles of overlapping astral microtubules that accompany the ingressing cleavage furrow.
At that point, we have structures that want to do work -- the kinesin-powered microtubules -- and something they want to do work on -- the spheres," Paxton said.
A thick fiber of the doublet microtubules was extruded from the anterior end of the fibrous sheath and formed a loop at the midpiece (Fig.
Citation: "CLASP2 interacts with pl20-catenin and governs microtubule dynamics at adherens junctions"; M.
All of these routes to spindle formation appeared to be dependent on Augmin - a protein complex responsible for amplifying the number of microtubules in the cell.
Based on their observations, the team derived a simple mathematical model describing the relationship between the size and shape of the spindle apparatus and the density and amount of microtubules.
Quadilobing in certain liverworts is preceded by pre-meiotic bands of microtubules marking the future cytokinetic planes before the nucleus enters prophase I (Fig.
The binding of kinetochores to microtubules likely involves cooperative interactions between different copies of the kinetochore components.

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