Relating to voles or lemmings.
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Microtine rodents are a large subfamily of the Cricetidae family, distributed across the whole Holarctic region (e.g.
Diet, body condition, and reproduction of Eurasian pine martens (Martes martes) during cycles in microtine density.--Ecography 22: 324-336.
23.9 50.2 15.8 Undetermined vole (microtine) 4.5 12.4 14.7 Sagebrush Vole Lemmiscus curtatus - - 1.1 Common Muskrat Ondatra zibethicus 1.1 - - W.
A survey of the microtine and zapodid rodents of west Tennessee.
The significance of the plant mortality caused by burrowing microtines for the long-term success of tundra sodding is unknown, but will probably vary between years as microtine populations fluctuate.
The red fox, Vulpes vulpes, generally feeds on microtine rodents, especially Microtus voles; however, this species consumes more Eurasian water voles in the winter than in the summer (Dell'arte et al., 2007).
multilocularis involves transmission between foxes (host to adult worm) and microtine rodents as intermediate hosts (larval worm).
In this context, Leopold observes of the mouse that "the thawing sun has mocked the basic premises of the microtine economic system." And then, finally, the skunk, whose wandering tracks reveal to his tracker's eyes no particular purpose.