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The microsomal fraction was incubated in 150 mM sodium phosphate buffer (pH 7.
Robbins (9) also reported that the first step ([omega]-hydroxylation) is carried out by the microsomal fraction of pig, dog and rat liver.
Infectivity titers in microsomal fraction of 4 patients with sCJDMM1 infection * sCJDMM1 Brain ([dagger]) Incubation time, d, inoculum dilution mean [+ or -] SEM Distribution Patient 1 [10.
The latter step yielded a pellet (Pl; mitochondria fraction), a floating particulate layer (PL; synaptosomal fraction), and an opaque supernatant (Sl; microsomal fraction, see Fig.
The prepared liver homogenate was centrifuged at 10,000g for 20min to obtain the post mitochondrial fraction which was then centrifuged at 105,000g for 60min to obtain microsomal fraction.
Each pellet was collected to determine the metal concentrations in the membranes, nuclei, "boules" (which are considered as heterolysosomes and heterophagosomes involved in intracellular digestion of cephalopods [Boucaud-Camou 1976, Boucaud-Camou & Yim 1980]) and brown bodies fraction, the mitochondrial and lysosomal fraction, and the microsomal fraction.
The total contain of the CYP 2E1 was evaluated at the microsomal fraction from kidney and liver.
Additionally, bioassays of plant extracts and herbal products should include a treatment with a liver microsomal fraction to simulate the passage of the compound or extract through the body.
50) To clarify the issue, we prepared strains of Aspergillus oryzae in which either [alpha]- or [beta]-subunit was disrupted, and G-II activity of their microsomal fraction was tested, by using G2M9- and G1M9-MTX.
100 [micro]l of bacterial suspension (with or without the mutagen), 100 [micro]l of appropriately diluted sample and 500 [micro]l of PBS or S9 mix (containing 10% S9--Arachlor induced rat liver microsomal fraction (Moltox, Boone, NC, USA)) were added to 2 ml of molten soft agar containing a limited amount of histidine/biotin, mixed gently and poured onto minimal agar plates.
The supernatant was centrifuged at 5500xg (15 min) to remove mitochondria and finally at 30,000xg (45 min) to obtain a crude microsomal fraction (16Kp) and cytosol (16Ks).