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, microscopical (mī'krō-skop'ik, -i-kăl),
1. Of minute size; visible only with the aid of the microscope.
2. Relating to a microscope.
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adjective Too small to be seen without the aid of microscope.
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, microscopical (mī'krŏ-skop'ik, -skop'i-kăl)
1. Of minute size; visible only with the aid of the microscope.
2. Relating to a microscope.
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PCR technique detected 22 (71.0%) and 19 (79.2%) out of the 31 negative and 24 positive samples microscopically, respectively (Table 3).
Microscopically, the tumour cells were arranged in glandular, papillary and solid patterns.
Examine some musts microscopically every day, especially any must over 10[degrees]C/50[degrees] F that are soaking on skins or warming up from soaking/settling, or musts that start fermenting
Microscopically, the tumors are composed of pleomorphic and hyperchromatic spindle-shaped cells arranged in an interdigitating fascicle.
Prof Waters said: "In a human cell you have twometres ofDNA- it's packaged up microscopically like a ball of wool.
Experts recommend that when a patient has no symptoms, positive dipstick results should be confirmed microscopically before the patient is referred to a urologist.
Le Guin is able to microscopically examine the mores of the ancient world, the Latins, in particular: their religious beliefs and practices, the status of royalty, of women, of slaves, the pecking order of warriors.
Meanwhile, the real thugs--the drug lords south of the border--ate laughing their full-auto heads off at the irony: The heavily regulated, microscopically inspected gun dealer gets the blame, and they sight in their full-auto weaponry on their fellow citizens.
Microscopically, the tumor is composed of solid and trabecular sheets of oncocytes arranged in an organoid pattern (figure).
After passing through ten elements the ISG will layer materials over 2,000,000 times to provide a microscopically layered mixture.
Instead of using conventional air conditioning, for example, the design team chose to use an innovative BASF plasterboard consisting of microscopically small polymer spheres containing a wax storage medium.
He calls it "moody, astringent, microscopically observed.