microscopic field

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mi·cro·scop·ic field

the area within which objects are visible with microscope oculars and objectives of various magnifying powers.
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In the study group, there were tumors that contained only 0.7 blood vessels per high-power microscopic field, whereas in some samples as many as 7.0 visible blood vessels were detected.
Grade 3--More than 10 foci with elastic lamellae fragmentation in one microscopic field.
The numbers of CgA cells in ten microscopic fields were 13 [+ or -] 1.0, 4 [+ or -] 0.3, 4 [+ or -] 0.3, 5 [+ or -] 0.4, and 3 [+ or -] 0.3 cells/field for controls and IBS-total, IBS-D, IBS-M, and IBSC patients, respectively (Figures 1 and 2).
For parasites of Haemoproteus genus it ranged from 2 to 43, mostly being below 20 parasites per 100 microscopic fields. The lowest intensity of invasion for parasites of Plasmodium genus was 2, while the highest was 18 parasites per 100 microscopic fields, mostly being less than 10.
Maxwell's microscopic equations in a media with charged particles are written in terms of the microscopic fields b, e and sources j, and [[rho].sub.m] as
Two vessel excretions and observing inflammatory cells of the acute type among 1/4 to 1/2 of microscopic field with low magnification (10x) without necrotic tissue, Grade 2
Examination of the offspring: 142 offspring were nursed by their infected mothers and after 25 days were investigated for the presence of trypomastigotes by collecting a sample of blood from the tail for a fresh exam, observing at least 100 microscopic fields with magnification of 400 times.
In many applications, the polymer molecules stick out from a surface like grasses growing in a microscopic field. Rooted at one end, the molecules reach up and undulate as if blown by the wind.
The results revealed that abundant sporulation (>200 spores per microscopic field) was observed in isolates like Fs2, Fs4, Fs6, Fs7, Fs15, Fs29, Fs30, Fs38, Fs39.
The areas of a low-power field (LPF) and high-power field (HPF) were determined with a measured scale to be able to correlate the cells or particles seen in a microscopic field (usually measured as cells or particles/LPF or HPF) with the quantitative results of the UF-100, which are provided in units of cells (or particles)/[micro]L.
The scientists homed in on such spots and counted the number of capillaries crowding the microscopic field.

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