microscopic field

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mi·cro·scop·ic field

the area within which objects are visible with microscope oculars and objectives of various magnifying powers.
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Grade 3--More than 10 foci with elastic lamellae fragmentation in one microscopic field.
In microelectrodynamics, there have been many types of ensemble and volumetric averaging methods used to define the macroscopic fields obtained from the microscopic fields (27), (29), (30), (40), (54).
Two vessel excretions and observing inflammatory cells of the acute type less than 1/4 of microscopic field (10x), Grade 3
They discovered that breast cancer patients who had more than 100 vessels in the microscopic field had a 100 percent chance of tumor recurrence within 33 months.
Twelve microscope fields were examined on every representative slide of each duodenal portion and underwent morphometric study through point counting, thus totaling 240 microscopic fields examined from each portion of the duodenum.
These holes were identifiable in the subsequent sections and served as external fiducial points for locating corresponding microscopic fields in each section and for aligning image stacks.
In each specimen, at least 20 random microscopic fields were examined at X40 (HPF), and the mean number of cells or particles/HPF were calculated.
Twenty microscopic fields per slide were chosen randomly and examined at 10x10 magnification under an Olympus digital microscope (DP70).
The test uses an innovative blend of monoclonal antibodies for stability and accuracy; enzyme-treated indicator cells to facilitate robust reactivity and results clarity; and fewer microscopic fields to simplify results reading and interpretation.
Using a detection algorithm, it identities microscopic fields of diagnostic interest.
The five PCR-positive blood specimens were negative by microscopy (7) (we assumed that 400 microscopic fields are equivalent to 1 [micro]L of blood).
It combines imaging technology to identify microscopic fields of diagnostic interest with automated stage movement of a microscope in order to locate these fields.

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