Minute to-and-fro movements of the eyes.
[micro- + Fr. saccade, sudden check (of a horse)]
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The microsaccades are thought to help avoid adaptation of the principal eyes to nonmoving stimuli, whereas the larger gaze movements often preempt and lead body turns (e.
Furthermore, the user interface settings include options to take into account the presence of microsaccades (small, normal, involuntary eye movements).
In horizontal gaze examination, his smooth pursuit was replaced by microsaccades and his eyes were unable to perform convergence.
Even in normal adult vision, small eye drifts and microsaccades prevent Troxler fading of high spatial frequencies.
When volunteers' rates of microsaccades slowed down, the visual illusion faded and the snakes were more likely to stop moving.
Right before the snakes appeared to move, participants tended to produce blinks, saccades and/or microsaccades, and right before the snakes stopped, participants' eyes tended to remain stable, researchers including Jorge Otero-Millan, Stephen Macknik and Martinez-Conde reported.
They could be categorized into refixation saccades and microsaccades, which are seen only during fixation.
Software engineering topics include modeling V1 as a spatial frequency analyzer, the mathematics of image processing with irregularly sampled data, the relationship between super-resolution techniques and the eye movements known as tremor and microsaccades, eye vergence and depth perception as they pertain to a robotic assisted surgery application, and motion detection algorithms.
The software first suppresses these microsaccades by means of a filter function, then determines the main direction of movement, Hermann said.
The results of the study showed that the rate of microsaccades - tiny, jerk-like fixational eye movements - dramatically increased when participants found Waldo.