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Individual droplets were axially distorted between a micropipette and a microcantilever in a stage-wise manner.
The micropipette was inserted into the lumen of the selected arteriole approximately 100 [micro]m upstream from the diameter measurement site, and A23187 was then infused directly into the flow stream.
For our purposes, this activity is the perfect introduction to using a micropipette.
For example, we dedicated specific micropipettes to certain steps to prevent aliquot variability; and were careful to use reagents of the same age, batch, and quality (e.
glass micropipette (GMP) vitrofication in mouse blastocysts.
Using a micropipette, an inoculum of 5 [micro]l of the yeast, cell or spore suspensions was added to each Sabouraud-chloramphenicol agar tube.
Novato, CA) were pulled using a P-87 Sutter micropipette puller and beveled with a BV-10 Sutter micropipette beveler.
Using an adjustable micropipette, we added accurately known amounts of KSCN solution (1 g [SCN.
Using a micropipette, Milano's team injected a solution containing human genes for adrenergic receptors into very young mouse embryos.
Identify a picture from the micropipette in front of you?
For the definitive test, stock solutions of the required concentrations were prepared for Lambda-cyhalothrin which was then measured using a micropipette and diluted into environmental relevant treatment concentrations of the nominal concentration for Lambda-cyhalothrin as 0.
Precipitated proteins were transferred into a dialysis tube using a micropipette and dialyzed against citrate buffer (0.