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a pipet for handling small quantities of liquids (up to 1 mL).
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, micropipet (mī'krō-pi-pet', -pī-pet'),
A pipette designed for the measurement of very small volumes.
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, micropipet (mī′krō-pī-pĕt)
An extremely small pipette used for measuring small amounts of fluid substances.
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Various chemistries have been used to attach DNA probes to filters, but most involve a carboxyimide coupling using 5'-aminomodified nucleosides placed directly on the surface with a mechanical micropipet. Other methods depend on initially modifying the surface with a stable aliphatic poly linker followed by attachment using standard phosphoramidite chemistry (4).
Other items required include a thermal cycler, gel electrophoresis equipment, and micropipets and tips.
Immediately after the Hg vapor exposure on GD18, blood was drawn from the tail of four females in each group into hepa-rinized calibrated micropipets (Drummond Scientific Co., Broomall, PA).
Danish medical technology developer MediCult A/S announced on Thursday (26 April) an agreement to acquire US micropipets supplier Humagen Fertility Diagnostics Inc (Humagen) in a USD22.9m cash deal.
We layered 5 [micro]L of CS and HS calibrators (0.5-5.0 /,g) with micropipets to construct calibration curves.
(Previously, everything had been prepared for them, and they weren't allowed to use the micropipets.) Because the instructor acted as a facilitator during the laboratory session, students interacted with, rather than feared, the instructor.
Cost of equipment for a tumor immunology lab Approximate Instrument cost Laminal flow hood $ 8,000 [CO.sub.2], water-jacketed incubator 5,000 Water baths, shakers, rockers 1,000 Inverted microscope 4,500 Cryostat, liquid nitrogen tank 12,000 Pipet guns 800 Micropipets, adjustable 500 Beta counter 17,000 Gamma counter 7,000 Cell harvester 5,000 Heater 500 pH meter 500 Osmometer 900 Total $ 62,700