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a pipet for handling small quantities of liquids (up to 1 mL).


, micropipet (mī'krō-pi-pet', -pī-pet'),
A pipette designed for the measurement of very small volumes.


/mi·cro·pi·pet/ (-pi-pet´) a pipet for handling small quantities of liquids (up to 1 mL).


, micropipet (mī′krō-pī-pĕt)
An extremely small pipette used for measuring small amounts of fluid substances.
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Humagen, based in Charlottesville, VA, USA, is a leading supplier of micropipets used during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures.
The addition of Humagen's leading IVF micropipets is very complimentary to our existing ART media product offering as sales of both target the same customer group within IVF clinics, namely the embryologist," noted Jesper Funding Andersen, CEO of MediCult.
To date, the focus has predominantly been on ART media and micropipets following the acquisition of Humagen in 2007.
Humagen Fertility Diagnostics is the largest manufacturer of micropipets for the worldwide-in-vitro fertilization market.
Previously, everything had been prepared for them, and they weren't allowed to use the micropipets.
2], water-jacketed incubator 5,000 Water baths, shakers, rockers 1,000 Inverted microscope 4,500 Cryostat, liquid nitrogen tank 12,000 Pipet guns 800 Micropipets, adjustable 500 Beta counter 17,000 Gamma counter 7,000 Cell harvester 5,000 Heater 500 pH meter 500 Osmometer 900 Total $ 62,700