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A parasitic microorganism.
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An older term for a microorganism invisible to the naked eye that completes its full life cycle within one host, often intracellularly, and is transmissible to a conspecific host. Microparasite is little used in the working biomedical parlance.

Salmonella, HIV.
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Considering the biological practice during viral or microparasitic infection [3, 9-11], we proposed a viral infection model with general contact rate between susceptible cells and virus particles, which is a generalization of the basic viral infection model [7, 8].
Once the disease's structure is determined and the values of the parameters are known, it is possible to calculate the maximum equilibrium prevalence of a mosquito-borne microparasitic infection.
It may be argued that malaria is not exactly a good example of a microparasitic infection.
Everything said, the human species may still be unable to rid the earth of macroparasitic states, just as it may never eliminate all microparasitic pathogens.
Longitudinal studies on several ponds showed that microparasitic infections in Daphnia are mainly found among large, adult hosts (Stirnadel and Ebert 1997), suggesting that adult life span is the crucial factor determining the average life span of a parasitic infection.
Experiments reported in [32] strongly suggested that the infection rate of microparasitic infections is an increasing function of the parasite dose and is usually sigmoidal in shape (see, e.g., [33]).
However, for some parasite-host models, by observing macro- and microparasitic infections, one finds that the infection rate is an increasing function of the parasite dose, usually sigmoidal in shape [10, 11].