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mi·cro·mole (mcmol),

(mī'krō-mōl), It is recommended that, in handwritten material and in computer work, this word be written in full, because both human beings and computers may misread the abbreviation μmol as mmol. Alternatively the abbreviation mcmol may be used.
One millionth of a mole.


(mcmol) (mī'krō-mōl)
One millionth of a mole.


One millionth, 10-6, of a mole.
See: mole (1)
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One unit of enzyme activity was defined as the amount of enzyme that released 1 micromole of glucose per minute (24).
Thus, we propose that the mechanisms of the inhibition of oxygen permeability and surface tension have to be different for soluble, short hydrocarbon chain surfactants, whereas the gas permeability is already inhibited in the micromole concentration range.
Tannase was assayed following the method of Sharma et al., One unit of tannase activity was defined as the amount of enzyme required to liberate one micromole of gallic acid per minute under defined reaction conditions.
The mean salivary total glutathione level in subjects with a clinically healthy periodontium was 3.6 [+ or -] 1.8 micromole (p < 0.05).
As a consequence of the above studies, the rates of ethanol metabolism via the oxidative and the nonoxidative pathways recently have been compared in rat pancreatic acini incubated with the same concentration of alcohol (100 micromole (2) [[micro]M]).
Trolox, a water-soluble vitamin E analog, is used as the calibration standard and the ORAC result is expressed as micromole Trolox equivalent (TE) per gram.
Trypsin activity was measured as the average change in optical density per minute at 247 nm and then converted to units per g wet weight of hepatopancreas (1 unit = 1 micromole of TAME hydrolyzed per minute).
Corals can tolerate only small amounts of nutrients -- one micromole of dissolved inorganic nitrogen and 0.1 micromole of soluble reactive phosphorus (Lapointe 1991).
One unit of specific activity (Usp) was calculated as the amount of enzyme that liberated one micromole ([micro]M) of glucose, xylose or its reducing sugar equivalent per minute per mL of enzyme per mg of extracellular protein under the conditions of the assay.
Converting the concentration of large HDL apo A1 (2D electrophoresis) from milligram per deciliter to micromole per liter (assuming 28 kDa/apo A1) would suggest that there are between 1.7 and 1.8 copies of apo A1 per large HDL.
One unit of lipase is defined as "the amount of enzyme which releases one micromole fatty acid per minute under specified assay conditions".
The CGTase enzyme activity was expressed as U m[L.sup.-1], in which one unit (U) is the amount the CGTase that catalyzes the production of one micromole of [beta]-CD per minute under the reaction conditions.