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denoting a concentration of one millionth (10−6) of a mole per liter.

mi·cro·mo·lar (mcmol/L),

Denoting a concentration of 10-6 mol/L.


(mcM, mcmol/L) (mī'krō-mō'lăr)
Denoting a concentration of 10-6 mole per liter (10-6m or 1 mcm).
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On the one hand, a line of evidence in the studies uses micromolar ([micro]M) concentrations of F- and considers that concentrations of 2-12 [micro]mol/L are biologically relevant.
2+] with a high affinity at micromolar dissociation constants (28) and with a binding capacity of 2 mol [Ca.
For example, HEK-293 cells that were stably transfected with pmeLuc detected micromolar levels of ATP in the tumor microenvironment, while extracellular ATP was undetectable in healthy tissues (Pellegatti et al.
Total quercetin derived from the diet is normally present in plasma in the nanomolar range (<100 nM) but can be increased to the low micromolar range after supplementation of quercetin aglycone or glycosides [8, 9].
Protection against oxidative stress-induced insulin resistance in rat L6 muscle cells by micromolar concentrations of lipoic acid.
The prototype has demonstrated a very high sensitivity to ICG in the nanomolar and micromolar range, similar to that required to detect early stage cancers.
Methods for measuring plasma hemoglobin in micromolar concentration compared.
As expected, toremifene inhibited EBOV at low micromolar concentrations (Table).
The assay was calibrated with hydrogen peroxide and the results were expressed in terms of micromolar hydrogen peroxide equivalent per liter(mol H2O2Equiv/L).
06 micromolar and uncertainty in the results is less than 6%.