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Mr Baggett added: "Our Every the archives that have micromanaged visions for brownfield housing and clean, community based uses have been repeatedly quashed over the last five years.
Almost everyone knows when they are being micromanaged, but very few can recognize when they are micromanaging.
Some people work better if they are micromanaged and are held accountable all day long.
This article demonstrates that a micromanaged NPD environment can create a demotivated workforce and even lead to high staff turnover.
While outsiders may have envied Sontag's life of relative privilege, they did not know that her father micromanaged every aspect of her existence by laying down a rigid set of comprehensive rules to which she was expected to adhere, no matter what extenuating circumstances might intervene.
The evacuation of five makeshift Jewish communities in the West Bank was micromanaged behind the scenes by the U.S.
Not only that, but Cheney micromanaged much of the detail of the operation, apparently without the knowledge of President Bush.
'Its unfortunate that kids lives are micromanaged....
"Guaranteeing" seems to lie outside of IA's power unless IA controlled all staff and micromanaged all processes.
It wasn't Riefenstahl who facilitated the Final Solution by supplying the Nazis with business machines and the magnetic punch cards whose numbers would be tattooed on death-camp victims' forearms--it was Thomas Watson and IBM's micromanaged European subsidiaries.
On the other hand, there are few of us who haven't been micromanaged at some time in our carver.
Merloni has engineered a line of smart refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, and dishwashers designed to be remotely micromanaged for optimal power efficiency, again by both the user and the utility.