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 (μL) [mi´kro-le″ter]
one millionth (10−6) of a liter.
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mi·cro·li·ter (mcl, mcL),

(mī'krō-lē'tĕr), It is recommended that, in handwritten material and in computer work, this word be written in full, because both human beings and computers may misread the abbreviation μL as mL. Alternatively the abbreviation mcL may be used.
One millionth of a liter.
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(λ) (mī'krō-lē-tĕr)
One millionth of a liter.
Synonym(s): microlitre.
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For all of the companies IBO spoke with, DNA and RNA analysis are the most common applications for their microliter spectrophotometry products, but protein research is one of the fastest-growing applications.
A common assay may call for 5.5 microliters of pure water and one microliter each of primers and master mix.
After a year, the T cell counts of people with the two-family response fell to 456 per microliter of blood, an amount sufficient to stave off other microbes.
For example, if we know that three replicate measurements averaged exactly 100 microliters, we still can't predict how likely it is that the next dispense will be within some limits.
Methods are now available to further purify, components of complex viral mixtures, to sediment the viruses through gradients containing nonsedimenting zones (e.g., of nucleases), and to concentrate them down to tens of microliters (18,19) for sequencing or mass spectrometric analysis.
The MEPS system is a miniature of conventional SPE packed bed devices from milliliter to microliter bed volumes.
The inoculum had a final amount of 1x[10.sup.4] conidia per microliter. Incubation time at 35 [degrees] C, was 44 hours for amphotericin B and 5-flucytosine and 30 hours for the other antifungals.
This single-syringe, infusion/withdrawal pump comprises a controller and remote pump head that uses microliter syringes, delivering nanoliter volumes at low flow rates.