An incision made with the aid of a microscope.
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An incision made with the aid of a microscope.
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The introduction of first posterior- chamber intraocular lens (PC-IOL) by Harold Ridley in 1949, implantation of first anterior chamber iridocorneal anglefixed intra ocular lens by Baron in 1952, the introduction of ultrasonic emulsification of lens with the irrigation/aspiration (I/A) technique and the invention of a foldable intraocular lens in the 1980s leading to microincision cataract surgery (MICS), revolutionized cataract surgery and reduced post-surgical complications8.
Microincision multifocal intraocular lens with and without a capsular tension ring: optical quality and clinical outcomes.
Microincision vitrectomy surgery and intravitreal bevacizumab as a surgical adjunct to treat diabetic traction retinal detachment.
Dusova et al., "Microincision 25G pars plana vitrectomy with peeling of the inner limiting membrane and air tamponade in idiopathic macular hole," European Journal of Ophthalmology, vol.
Other management options include topical tretinoin, dermabrasion, needle microincision and extirpation, and resurfacing using YAG laser or C[O.sub.2] laser [2,16,17,25-27].
In all patients, we performed microincision vitrectomy using a 25-gauge instrument with a Constellation vented gas-forced infusion and IOP control system (Alcon, Fort Worth, TX) under local anesthesia, after retrobulbar injection of 2% lidocaine hydrochloride (Xylocaine, 2.5 mL; AstraZeneca K.K., Osaka, Japan) and 0.75% ropivacaine hydrochloride (Anapeine, 2.5 mL; AstraZeneca K.K.).
Microincision cataract surgery technique effectively preserves corneal endothelial cells and reduces risk of corneal edema.[sup][16] Micropulse technique increases anterior chamber stability [sup][17] and decreases thermal effect.[sup][18] Torsional ultrasound mode reduces phacoemulsification time and energy.[sup][19] New ophthalmic viscosurgical devices, such as Viscoat, Provisc, and soft-shell technique, decrease thermal effect.[sup][20] Thus, in certain cases of complicated cataract after PKP such as cases in which nuclear hardness is ≤III, better postoperative visual acuity is demanded, and an advanced technology IOL is preferred, phacoemulsification should be suggested.
(1,2,3,4,5) Microincision cataract surgery (MICS) can be performed with either microcoaxial or biaxial phacoemulsication.
They have state of the art operating theatres and facilities for advanced diagnostics in all specialties of eye care including Laser-assisted and Microincision Cataract Surgery, most recent procedures for refractive error correction, advanced glaucoma management, comprehensive treatment for vitreoretinal disorders, pediatric & squint management, uveitis, oculoplasty procedures and custom made ocular prosthesis.
Class 1, corresponding to telangiectasia or reticular veins, is generally indicated for treatment with sclerotherapy and/or microincision surgery.