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Slight differences in structure between essentially identical molecules, for example, in the saccharide portion of a glycoprotein.
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Since, the complete structural analysis of lipid A is a complicated task, so exact location of the specific fatty acyl chains and identification of any microheterogeneity needs further investigations.
P2, the shorter protein, displayed microheterogeneity and was found in three forms with an almost identical amino acid composition.
Incompatibility or partial compatibility (microheterogeneity) will result in a broadening of the transition and a peak shift away from the original position of the majority component.
Although microheterogeneity was observed, RAPD profiles obtained by four primers showed identical or very similar patterns among all specimens derived from a single patient (Figure 1).
considerable microheterogeneity. Not only does this mean that they are difficult to purify and characterize, but also even small changes in amino acid sequence, local structure, or post-translational modification can have significant functional or immunological consequences.
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