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1. an instrument for recording very minute movements by making a greatly magnified photograph of the minute motions of a diaphragm.
2. a photograph of a minute object or specimen as seen through a microscope.
electron micrograph a graphic reproduction of an object as viewed with an electron microscope.
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1. An instrument that magnifies the microscopic movements of a diaphragm by means of light interference and records them on a moving photographic film; may be used for recording various pulse curves, sound waves, and any forms of motion that may be communicated through the air to a diaphragm.
2. Synonym(s): photomicrograph
[micro- + G. graphō, to write]
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The graphic representation of a microscope image.
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An enlarged photograph of an object viewed with a microscope, as distinguished from a microphotograph.
Synonym(s): micrograph.
[photo- + G. mikros, small, + graphē, a record]
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The alloy microstructure is displayed in the CLSM micrographs shown in Figure 4.
Figure 12 shows the optical micrographs of Cu-0.15Hf, Cu-0.4Hf, and Cu-0.9Hf alloys after cold rolling.
The membrane blebbing is considered to be a specific pattern of apoptosis that is due to a deep cytoskeleton rearrangement, resulting in alterations of cell shape and organelles distribution as will be illustrated later in TEM micrographs. Furthermore, cell-mediated, drug response is dependent on the cellular characteristic and the drug action.
In this study, the crystallinity of CNT structures was elaborated from the TEM micrographs obtained with different spatial resolutions.
The analysis of the post-SLT micrographs revealed signs of endothelial cell damage.
Scanning electron micrographs of the xerogels prepared from the sodium silicate precursor are represented by Figs.
The obtained micrographs were further processed with the QUANTS software to obtain the numerical properties of the membranes.
Apart from the micrographs of side surface for these FNCT fracture samples, the overview of the top surface for these fracture samples were also recorded and these micrographs are shown in Figure 3.
Transmission electron micrographs of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus spermatids.