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(mī″krō-fĭ-lar′ē-ă) (-lar′ē-ē″) plural.microfilariae [ micro- + filaria]
The embryo of a filarial worm. Microfilariae are present in the blood and tissues of those infected with filariasis and are of importance in the diagnosis of filarial infections.
microfilarial (-lar′ē-ăl), adjective
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At the time of his discharge, microfilarial quantification was 2,250 microfilariae/mL of blood.
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In a reported high microfilarial load (1000/ml) from blood in HIV positive patient, where microfilaria was also demonstrated from the pericardial and pleural fluid and from urine, it has been observed that treatment with DEC or Ivermectin can cause an often fatal encephalopathy, especially in people with high (30-50,000 mf/ml) [12].
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(4-7) Scanning the literature we found only 1 report on microfilarial pleural involvement.
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Tomecki said But investigators in Thailand used open-label metronidazole to treat 19 patients with lichen planus who had no history of microfilarial disease.
Microfilarial infections have been reported for Coereba flaveola from Jamaica (1/139 = 1%; Bennett et al.
Subsequent trials in humans with onchocerciasis have shown that ivermectin also can reduce microfilarial counts to under 10 percent of pretreatment levels within days, an effect that lasts for up to a year.
Impression smear revealed microfilaria, whereas scrapings revealed some microfilarial stages of Stephanofilaria.