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In intravenous therapy, an infusion system that delivers 60 drops/mL that is used when small volumes are being delivered (e.g., less than 50 mL/hour); this reduces the risk of blood clotting in the intravenous line due to slow infusion rates. When using the microdrip system, the IV drip calculation is thus: drops/minute = mL/hour.
[G. mikros, small]
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Tenders are invited for Disposable Intravenous Infusion Set Paediatric, Microdrip Set With Leur Lock
Set infusion microdrip presterilised disposable for paediatric use consisting of nontoxic PVC tubing 1700mm with drip chamber of 60ml capacity with cannula stainless steel to deliver 60 drops per ml & with roller clamp of roll type and stainless steel vein needle 21G x 1.5" LR with cover & spike for bottle with 5cm long soft latex tubing at the vein end packed & tamper proof polythine and sterilised by ETO/Gamma.
Contract awarded for Connector for management solution intravenous with bureta (microdrip) sterile, disposable, bureta calibrated scale of 5 in lc5, capacity 150 ml, transparent, injection site latex membrane (resistant several punctures) or free of needle, air filter, device allowing the hang bureta, camera drip, drip drops by 60 ml / cc.
Equipment for pediatric infusion with 100 ml reservoir with scale, with 60 microdrip microdroplets / ml, ventilated, hose with male connector catheter, sterile, single pack, pyrogen-,disposable surgical mask orange 4-ply 100% antifludos with bacterial filtration efficiency of 99% with anti-reflective anti-fog visor and tapes, loncet filter type, with lashings box 25-50 units.,latex foley catheter coated with silicon no.
1-0 type thick cylindrical tapered needle-shaped synthetic medium 1-0 number circular needle length of yarn 75 centimeters, absorbent, 36 millimeters, if,microdrip with reservoir scale microdrip 60 droplets / m hose with male connector catheter capacity, pyrogen-free beadin / 100ml sterile,piece of surgical gauze, size 36x100 yards, fabrics, cotton, medical grade.
Contract awarded for events no.3688 / 15 "infusion system for micro infusion pump (cassette) microdrip reservoir with 100 ml.