A colony of bacteria visible only under a low power microscope.
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The released chromosomal eDNA then facilitates initial attachment and microcolony formation (11, 12).
aeruginosa exhibits enhanced microcolony formation [41], and colonization by mucoid P.
Communication via DSFs is involved in many processes that are crucial to the physiology and pathogenicity of bacteria, such as the production of extracellular enzymes (proteases, endoglucanases, chitinases), microcolony and biofilm formation, autoaggregative behavior, cell motility, resistance to toxins and biocides, and oxidative stress activation (40).
Thus, BPIFA1 corrupts the early stages of the development of biofilm-bacteria aggregation and the forming of a microcolony.
Ceftriaxone Pulse Dosing Fails to Eradicate Biofilm-Like Microcolony B.
Microcolony detection in 7H11 thin layer culture is an alternative for rapid diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
Biofilm is an aggregate of microcolony of microbial cells adherent to a living or nonliving surface embedded in an extracellular polymeric matrix.
Conversion is a complicated procedure from planktonic cells in liquid to biofilms in surfaces that it can be divided into four phases: a first connection to abiotic sides, microcolony construction, and preservation of a matured biofilm.
It was based on the optical detection by CCD camera of the microcolony array system with a fluorescent chemo-sensor and automated CDIA providing simultaneous time-resolved monitoring of enzyme activity of up to 7000 single microcolonies.
LasB inhibition can significantly decrease bacterial attachment, microcolony formation, and extracellular matrix linkage in biofilm (Yu et al., 2014).