Calcifications smaller than 1 mm in diameter as seen on mammography; often associated with malignant lesions.
[micro- + calcification]
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Calcifications smaller than 1 mm in diameter as seen on mammography; often associated with malignant lesions when seen in clusters.
[micro- + calcification]
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Tiny flecks that are too small to be felt. They are important markers of cancer that show up on ultrasound and mammogram.
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The microcalcifications would be identified by CADM and the radiographs would then be forwarded to a radiologist for review and diagnosis.
Mammography mostly revealed a nodular opacity (n=11, 68.8%) or an asymmetric density (n=2, 12.5%), or BIRADS IV microcalcifications (n=2, 12.5%).
Features associated with malignancy include hypoechogenicity, solid composition, irregular margins, taller-than-wide orientation and microcalcifications (17) with the latter three having the highest specificities.
Out of 100 lesions seen at HRUSG, 70 lesions (65 benign, 5 malignant) showed macrocalcifications, 27 lesions (17 malignant, 10 benign) showed microcalcifications. If microcalcification was considered as an independent factor identifying malignant lesion, it could detect malignancy with sensitivity, specificity positive predictive value and negative predictive value of 68%, 87%, 63% and 89% respectively.
On note, in our recent study, we demonstrated a putative association between the occurrence of EMT and the development of breast cancer cells showing an osteoblast-like cells phenotype in lesions with microcalcifications [10, 11].
In this present study, among women with TN, the prevalence of nodules with microcalcifications or a taller-than-wide shape had no significant association with diabetes.
A ultrasound-based preoperative evaluation of the primary tumor's extent as well as lymph node involvement has become an essential procedure, which can modify the overall surgical approach in up to 40% of cases.[sup][8],[9] Several ultrasonographic characteristics of thyroid nodule have been found to correlate highly with malignancy, including irregular borders, microcalcifications, height greater than width, hypoechogenicity, and increased vascularity.[sup][10],[11],[12],[13],[14] Only a few studies involved capsular invasion (CI) or extracapsular extension (ECE) of PTCs using ultrasonography.
If there are any microcalcifications in a fibroadenoma, it may be a clue for intraductal carcinoma.
Predictive value for malignancy in the finding of microcalcifications on ultrasonography of thyroid nodules.
There were prominent multifocal aggregates of granular, filamentous, and neuron-shaped microcalcifications present in the cortex and subcortical white matter that focally involved the entire cortical ribbon.
Brody, "Segmentation algorithms for detecting microcalcifications in mammograms," IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, vol.
In 5 (3.8%) patients, no abnormality was determined on US and these cases were diagnosed with microcalcifications seen on mammography.