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any of the cytoplasmic particles found in kidney and liver cells and in certain other cells, surrounded by a limiting membrane, and containing dense crystalline-like inclusions and oxidases.


A cytoplasmic organelle, bounded by a single membrane and containing oxidative enzymes. Microbodies include peroxisomes and glyoxysomes.


Any usually rounded, (single-)membrane-bound cytoplasmic organelle that contains oxidative enzymes and digests cellular debris.

Glycosomes, peroxisomes.


A membrane-bound organelle occurring in nearly all eukaryotic cells that often contains oxidative enzymes relating to the formation and degradation of H2O2.
Synonym(s): microbody.
[peroxide + G. sōma, body]
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Vinther's team also saw evidence of just one kind of microbody, and it had a distinct round shape.
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