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1. Short lived.
2. Synonym(s): microbial


Microscopic organisms within a defined area, organism, or physiological environment.
See: macrobiotamicrobiotic (mi?kro-bi-ot'ik), adjective
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9] These uncertainties emphasize the need for an individualized patient-based approach based on an integrated 'omics' approach incorporating genetic, microbiotic information with clinical and environmental data.
Each microbiotic species in the biome transforms that energy into new molecules, which may signal messages to physiological systems of the host.
They explained how breast milk, but not infant formula, fosters colonies of microbiotic flora in a newborn's intestinal tract that aid nutrient absorption and immune system development.
One theory that requires additional research is that interactions between the intestinal microbes and isoflavones in the developing gut could affect development of the immune system and the long-term microbiotic environment of the individual.
However, some species like Paronychia chartacea may depend on delicate microbiotic associations with the soil, such as soil crusts, that may be destroyed by animal-induced disturbance (Hawkes and Flechmer, 2002).
Marlene - who runs courses on microbiotic eating and healthy living - says people should not let any genetic or hereditary problems define them.
However, their influence appears to extend beyond the GI tract; differences in microbiotic balance are also associated with diseases such as autism, colorectal cancer and atopic and allergic diseases.
Desert crust morphology and its relations to microbiotic succession at Mt.
In the area of microrobotics, he primarily focuses on biological applications of microbiotic technology, including the development of robotic tools for manipulating biological cells, tissues, organisms, and nanoscale structures.
Available now from all leading bed retailers, these specially-designed beds promote well-being by delivering luxury comfort, along with an all natural, allergy reducing mattress covered with SensityO - a fabric made from microbiotic microcapsules ensuring the highest anti-allergy protection.
Available from all leading bed retailers NOW, these specially-designed beds promote wellbeing by delivering luxurious comfort, along with an all-natural, allergy-reducing mattress covered with SensityO - a fabric made from microbiotic microcapsules ensuring the highest anti-allergy protection.
Eco-Green[R] chemicals for metal fabricators include microbiotic technology that dissolves grease and heat-treated residues with a Micro-Blasting[R] colloid-based chemical design.