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1. Short lived.
2. Synonym(s): microbial
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Microscopic organisms within a defined area, organism, or physiological environment.
See: macrobiotamicrobiotic (mi?kro-bi-ot'ik), adjective
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Similar to the benefits of probiotic yogurt in the digestive system, microbiotic cosmetic ingredients can have a positive impact on the local microflora of the skin," said Dr.
Notably, while healthy controls did not display any significant variations in microbiotic signatures, NCGS patients displayed significant changes in bacteria responsible for dehalogenation, ammonia oxidation, xylan and cellulose degradation, sulfate reduction, and nitrogen fixation especially while adhering to GFD.
Khoruts, "Mast cell activation disease and microbiotic interactions," Clinical Therapeutics, vol.
A comprehensive predicting model using a combination of clinical, genetic, microbiotic factors and biomarkers will ideally resolve this unanswered question.
The complexity of the microbiotic ecosystem likely increases the bacterial capacity of adhesion to surfaces due to the possible intensive action among different bacterial species [221].
Detailing the way probiotics and probiotic-derived factors influence gut disease and dysfunction, a research review by Howarth and Wang (9) described the mechanisms of action of probiotics and how they affect microbiotic composition, and demonstrates the correlation between reducing pathogens, toxicity, and increase in mucosal integrity.
The findings suggest that modifying the microbiotic makeup of the gut can become an innovative method to prevent stroke, they added.
Healthy individuals posses a diverse gut microbiota but a reduced microbiotic richness gives rise to Type 2 diabetes, obesity and inflammatory bowel disease, said the team from Pennington Biomedical Research Centre in US.
Our hypothesis is that some genetic, metabolic, or microbiotic finger-print will help us identify who is predisposed to lose weight on one diet versus the other."
New techniques such as next generation sequencing and metagenomics now enable a representative evaluation of the microbiotic communities in health and disease and their dynamic interactions with their human host [140].
In spring, the microbiotic population level is at low ebb as the cold temperatures and frozen soil have suppressed their increase.
Microbiotic soil crusts: a review of their roles in soil and ecological processes in the rangelands of Australia.