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Relating to microbiology.
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Relating to microbiology.
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(mī″krō-bī-ŏl′ō-jē) [″ + bios, life, + logos, word, reason]
The scientific study of microorganisms, that is, of bacteria, fungi, intracellular parasites, protozoans, viruses, and some worms.
microbiologic (mī″krō-bī-ŏ-loj′ĭk), adjectivemicrobiological (mī″krō-bī-ŏ-loj′ĭ-kāl)
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"Among women with uncomplicated UTI, five-day nitrofurantoin, compared with single-dose fosfomycin, resulted in a significantly greater likelihood of clinical and microbiologic resolution at 28 days after therapy completion," the authors write.
Seven cases were excluded because no histopathologic or microbiologic verification of the diagnosis was made.
[4.] Pasipanodya JG, Gumbo T (2013) A meta-analysis of self-administered vs directly observed therapy effect on microbiologic failure, relapse, and acquired drug resistance in tuberculosis patients.
The microbiologic samples of the leg were sterile so a gas gangrene as a causative agent could be excluded.
Microbiologic spectrum and susceptibility of isolates: Part I.
Using this approach, the client services division of the core laboratory requires that all microbiologic send-out tests be reviewed by the clinical pathology house staff prior to being sent to the reference laboratory, regardless of test type or cost.
Ongoing and continuous microbiologic surveillance of area reservoirs and laboratory investigation of all cases of acute diarrhea have not detected any new cases of cholera since December 17, 2013.
41.8 days), time to microbiologic cure (a mean of 2.6 days vs.
Microbiologic Findings: Of the total 286 episodes, blood cultures were negative in 68 (23.8%) of cases.
They collected data regarding microbiologic and clinical cure, rates of relapse, reinfection, bacterernia, and adverse events.
Results of antemortem microbiologic testing were negative, except for a positive serologic test for adenovirus on hospital day 1 with a serum titer of 128 (normal <8).
The book is a balance of medical and microbiologic information on the fungi pathogenic for humans.