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Destructive to microbes.
Synonym(s): microbicide (1)
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Destructive to microbes.
Synonym(s): microbicide (1) .
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(mī-krō′bĭ-sīd) [″ + bios, life, + L. cidus, kill]
An agent that kills microscopic organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses).
microbicidal (mī-krō″bĭ-sī′dăl), adjective
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Amicrobe is using bioengineering principles to produce a new generation of locally applied antimicrobials that combine broad microbicidal activity, beneficial physical properties, and safety.
Different microbes have different modes of action against other microbes, some act as microbicidal, some act as microbistatic.
Reactive oxygen species, including superoxide anions (*[[O.sub.2].sup.-]), hydrogen peroxide ([H.sub.2][O.sub.2]), peroxyl radicals (*R[O.sub.2]), and hydroxyl radicals (*OH), exert microbicidal activity and prevent potentially pathogenic microorganisms from entering the weakened organisms.
The aforementioned studies are in agreement that the use of nanoparticles combined with other antimicrobial effects can help reduce intrinsic toxicity of nanoparticles for mammalian cells, enhance the microbicidal effect by increasing damage mechanisms, and diminish the probability development of resistance.
Normal neutrophil turnover in humans is mediated by apoptosis [12], a process that presumably downregulates proinflammatory capacity and microbicidal function and prepares these cells for removal from the tissues by macrophages [13].
coli and other bacteria within two hours of exposure on a painted surface, Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield[R] Microbicidal Interior Latex Paint also has the ability to go on killing 90 percent of those loathsome bugs, over and over again, for up to four years.
Cultures from the skin lesions however are not useful diagnostically because the rate of positive cultures does not exceed 60-65% probably due to the prior use of antimicrobial therapy or due to the microbicidal activity of local antagonistic skin flora.
The defense reactions include the hemocytic process of encapsulation, prophenoloxidase-activating system, phagocytosis, and the microbicidal mechanism based on the production of cytotoxic reactive oxygen intermediates and antimicrobial peptides (Bachere et al.