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Relating to a microbe or to microbes.
Synonym(s): microbic, microbiotic (2)
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Of or involving or caused by or being microbes.
See also: microbe
Synonym(s): microbial.
[Fr., fr. G. micros, small, + bios, life]
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(mī′krōb″) [ micro- + Gr. bios, life]
A unicellular or small multicellular organism including bacteria, protozoa, some algae and fungi, viruses, and some worms, esp. those that are injurious to other organisms.
microbialmicrobic (mī-krō′bē-ăl) (mī-krōb′ĭk), adjective
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Two of the microbic ides are soon to undergo large-scale trials in Africa,funded by the UK.
In either event, paint and coatings that resist growth of microbic colonies of fungi, molds, bacteria and viruses could help ward off not only such infestations in homes and schools but aid hospitals and restaurants in their continuing quest for sterility.
The higher grades are usually produced earlier in the season because the temperatures are lower, and there is less chance of microbic growth.

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