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Relating to a microbe or to microbes.
Synonym(s): microbic, microbiotic (2)
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Of or involving or caused by or being microbes.
See also: microbe
Synonym(s): microbial.
[Fr., fr. G. micros, small, + bios, life]
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(mī′krōb″) [ micro- + Gr. bios, life]
A unicellular or small multicellular organism including bacteria, protozoa, some algae and fungi, viruses, and some worms, esp. those that are injurious to other organisms.
microbialmicrobic (mī-krō′bē-ăl) (mī-krōb′ĭk), adjective
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Durnay C, Morel T (1980) Use of a semicontinuous culture system (RUSITEC) to study the effects of phosphorus deficiency on rumen microbial digestion. Biol.
The rumen is the largest compartment and serves as a fermentation vat for microbial digestion of grasses.
The combination of alkali pre-treatment and EFE synergistically improved ruminal microbial digestion of straw, but the optimal conditions for the synergistic effect need to be defined.
Additional samples were incubated for 30 min at 39[degrees]C in autoclaved ruminal fluid to estimate DM disappearance not attributable to microbial digestion (0 h).
Depression of ADF and NDF digestibility with chopping and pelleting (9.5 mm diet) was probably attributable to faster passage of digesta through the digestive tract, resulting in less time available for microbial digestion in the rumen.
Rumen temperatures were similar among treatments and the values were quite stable at 39.0-39.6[degrees]C, but all treatment means were within the normal range which has been reported as optimal for microbial digestion (France and Siddons, 1993; Van Soest, 1994; Firkins, 1996).
Microbial digestion that occurred and progressed from more digestible inner tissue had been observed under microscope (Migne et al., 1996).
The average ruminal pH (Table 3) was 6.6 which have been reported as optimal for microbial digestion of fiber (Hoover, 1986; Firkins, 1996).

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