microbial aerosol

mi·cro·bi·al aer·o·sol

(mī-krō'bē-ăl ār'ŏ-sol)
Airborne suspension of particles smaller than 10 mcm in diameter that consists partially or wholly of microorganisms.
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The researchers observed differences between pre-and postfog aerosol communities that suggest fog events can have a significant impact on microbial aerosol diversity and composition, and as colead author M.
The instrumentation, in this case microbial aerosol samplers, must be judged in terms of its capability to collect microbes under different operating conditions while minimizing the environmental stress on the organisms collected.
In North America, such cases from domestic exposure have been associated with an unusual source of a microbial aerosol, such as a humidifier or air-conditioning device.
Reduction of microbial aerosols by automatic toilet bowl cleaners.
Barriers to contamination, such as surgical masks, may not adequately contain microbial aerosols, especially when they are worn for long durations, added Dr.
One such technology, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), has long been used to inactivate microbial aerosols, mostly in the occupied spaces of medical facilities.
Therefore, suspending media for studying microbial aerosols must simulate the real-world aerosols as closely as possible.