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The main benefits of using the microabrasion method for localized coating removal are its high precision and reduced time required.
Apart from the superficial lesion which was infiltrated after surface erosion with Icon etch (DMG, Germany), deep and mixed lesions were eventually treated with a combined use of an average of 10 cycles of microabrasion followed by infiltration of the lesion using Icon (DMG, GER), during a 30-minute appointment to correct the aesthetic defect.
Degradation of material due to tribocorrosion may occur under a variety of wear mechanisms (erosion, abrasion, microabrasion, fatigue, fretting, sliding wear, etc.) interacting with corrosion.
Bleaching and microabrasion have been recommended for treating mild cases of fluorosis; however, in moderate to severe cases, bleaching and microabrasion are either ineffective or may lead to only transient improvement [6], while composite restorations are prone to discoloration, chipping, and debonding.
Esthetic management of developmental enamel opacities in young permanent maxillary incisors with two microabrasion techniques--a split mouth study.
Es necesario que el epitelio escamoso presente una microabrasion para que el virus llegue al estrato basal del epitelio, si esto no ocurre la infeccion viral no se desarrolla, pues el virus no llega a reproducirse y se elimina.
On the basis of product type, the overall market has been segmented into topical products (sunscreens, moisturizers, keratolytic, retinoids, and hair removal creams), botulinum, dermal fillers, chemical peels, microabrasion equipment, and equipment-based treatments such as laser resurfacing and ultrasounds.
Por otro lado, algunos autores justifican el uso de blanqueamiento con peroxido de carbamida, microabrasion con acido hidroclorhidrico y combinacion de ambas tecnicas (19,21,22).
(11) Other technique followed traditionally is the Enamel microabrasion designed to improve the surface texture, remove the stains and recover remineralization.
Otras aproximaciones metodologicas se han usado para determinar la concentracion de fluoruro en el esmalte dental, entre ellas la microabrasion (12) y la sonda de protones (13).