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Demonstrating how p53 utilizes microRNAs to stop the growth of tumor cells through facilitating apoptosis, sheds much light on this critical cancer fighting pathway," said Prof.
And we're also interested in devising ways to understand the specificity by which microRNAs regulate their targets.
Bartel studies the biological roles of microRNAs and how microRNAs recognize their regulatory targets.
Regulus utilised its highly reproducible platform to extract, profile and analyse microRNAs from small volumes of blood, including plasma, serum or whole blood, to profile more than 400 serum samples from MS patients and compare those profiles with the ones of healthy people.
MicroRNAs have profound effects on the immune system, acting as 'brakes' that target more than 60 percent of all gene expression.
Cell-free nucleic acids, including microRNAs, are an integral part of the company's focus on cancer diagnostics.
BioChain offerings are ideal for researchers looking to test the waters of microRNA validation without a major investment of time or resources.
But when microRNAs go rogue, the results can be disastrous.
Leveraging unique microRNA biomarkers identified using Rosetta Genomics' proprietary microRNA extraction and quantification methods, the new programs will focus on the following indications, which are expected to be clinically available during 2009-2010:
a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative microRNA (miRNA)-based therapeutics primarily for the treatment of patients who suffer from cardiovascular and muscle disease, announced today the completion of a $20 million Series B financing.
The researchers analysed every microRNA in the human genome to detect those that suppressed MGMT expression, anticipating that high-levels of these microRNAs in the tumour would predict better therapeutic response to temozolomide.
Washington, May 9 ( ANI ): Small pieces of genetic material called microRNAs are identified as the missing link between the 2 defining features of muscle fitness-fuel-burning and fiber-type switching-providing a potential new target for interventions that boost fitness in people with chronic illness or injury.