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As IEEE 802-11 (Wireless LANs), IEEE 802-15 (Wireless Personal Area Networks) and IEEE 802-16 (Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks) standards gain worldwide acceptance, and as each group continues to address evolving needs of the wireless industry, coordination and knowledge of radio regulations are a vital part of the IEEE 802 LMSC's work.
Major Interexchange Carriers (IXCs) are presently working to deploy SONET/ATM Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) directly to the corporate premise in major U.S.
these products include but are not necessarily limited to local area network (lan), metropolitan area network (man) , wide area network (wan) routers, switches, internal operating system software, telephony application software, telephony application servers, telephony cards/modules/blades/interfaces, telephony station equipment, security firewalls components, intrusion detection components, wireless lan access points, and wireless man/wan transport systems produced by the manufacturer or provided through oem agreements with the original manufacturer and included on the bidder~s most recent publishedprice list/catalog.
The sophistication of the IP protocol can introduce additional latency in storage networks, but it can also significantly improve the integration of local storage networks into distributed enterprises such as a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).
Rilling said the city had offered a contract to the firm to manage the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).
Under this contract NextiraOne will provide equipment for a complete upgrade of the university's metropolitan area network infrastructure (MAN).
Contract notice for Provision of metropolitan area network and wide area network communication services for the European Investment Bank Group
Tenders are invited for Design, implementation, and management of cost-effective, highly-available Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) services and Wide Area Network (WAN) services.
Telecoms network solutions provider Huawei reported on Monday the commercial deployment of the world's first 5Tb/s cluster router system on the Xi'an metropolitan area network of Shaanxi Telecom, a subsidiary of China Telecom.
UNOG wishes to renew, improve and expand its Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).
Contract notice: Man (metropolitan area network) of ftv sites in the paris region.
The new West Midlands Regional Network will replace the Midlands Metropolitan Area Network (MidMAN) across the area.
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