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, metra-metro- (mē'trō),
The uterus.
See also: hystero- (1), utero-.
[G. mētra]

metro-, metra-

prefix meaning "uterus": metrocele, metrofibroma, metromalacoma.


, metra- , metro-
Combining forms indicating the uterus.
See also: hystero- (1) , utero-
[G. mētra]

metra-, metro-

word element. [Gr.] uterus.
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Figure 4: Value of planned and unawarded rail and metro contracts in the Middle East.
The debut of The Towers at Hutchinson Metro Center is the latest chapter in a remarkable saga that began in 2001 when Simone acquired the original 18.
Steve Dewey, general manager of Metro Waste's American operations, reports that the company will expand the Rochester and Buffalo plants within the next year and is on the lookout for further acquisitions in New York State.
Paramedic squads and ambulances sometimes must wait 30 minutes to two hours to turn over patients to a hospital because of the lack of beds, Metro said.
Farming-dependent counties, persistent poverty counties, retirement-destination counties, and counties that are adjacent to large metro areas performed very differently during the 1980s.
The Hutchinson Metro Center is easily accessible to major highways including the Hutchinson River Parkway, I-95, Bronx River Parkway, New York State Thruway and the Cross Bronx Expressway.
Officials expect to spend about $9 million more a year in operating costs just on the Metro Rapid services on Ventura and Wilshire/Whittier corridors, Gephart said.
With ever greater frequency, it's difficult to know where the Times' Life & Style section ends and Metro begins.
METRO Cash & Carry is the international market leader in self-service wholesale business for professionals.
Metro and Metroflight contend that the agreements with American provide, among other things, for an extension from November 1992 until November 2002 of the period that Metroflight is to serve as the exclusive "American Eagle" carrier at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.
Flexcar helps people land a job, then Metro helps them get to the job.
Another aspect of the decision process for Metro International was the level of Mac OS support in the application, especially when comparing it with the competition.