Cation commonly used in water-soluble iodinated radiographic contrast media.
Synonym(s): N-methylglucamine
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Modification of neurotoxicity of methylglucamine diatrizoate (hypaque 75 per cent) by intra-arterial instillation of vasoactive drugs.
(42) used microchip CE with either glass microchannels dynamically coated with 40 mmol/L methylglucamine to prevent lipoprotein adsorption or uncoated glass microchannels with 0.3 mmol/L sodium dodecyl sulfate added to the sample buffer to sharpen the LDL peak.
The European Commission has fined Aventis Pharma SA and Rhone-Poulenc Biochemie SA, both belonging to the Aventis group, Euro 2.85 million for conspiring to fix prices and market shares for methylglucamine during the 1990s.
The companies involved fixed market shares for methylglucamine, agreed on price targets and price lists, and shared the largest customers between them.
- Competition policy decisions (methylglucamine and plasterboard cartels).